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Grant Writing

Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. performs the following Grant Writing activities to match nonprofits with funding sources.

Funding Source Search

The first step in a successful grant writing effort is conducting a funding source search, which involves matching the programs and services of each organization with the interests of local and national funders.

The search is generated from the results of two or more database searches, usually conducted using keyword searches to find funders with stated priorities that match your project or organization. The search will also include a geographic area search to identify funders with general guidelines giving in the area impacted by your project or organization.

The funding source search not only looks at what foundations say they fund, but even more importantly, it looks at the giving history of each prospective funder to get a sense of where their contributions actually go.

Funding Opportunity Prioritization and Research

The funding goals will be prioritized through cooperation between the organization's staff, board and Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. Funding priorities are then matched to opportunities. Board members, staff and others will review the list to see if any networking possibilities are available. Further information will be pursued from this prioritized list through mail requests, phone calls and research. If board members or others within the organization have a personal or professional connection to the funder, they may be asked to make an inquiry.

Create Timeline

Taking into consideration deadlines and other factors, a timeline will be created for proposal submissions. The organization can put a cap on the number of proposals submitted per month.

Proposal Preparation

Proposals will be prepared to meet guidelines or other specifications for each funder. The initial proposal for each project or program will take the most time; subsequent proposals will take less. The organization can supply data on the need for the program, or we can perform this research. We will need statistics on program outcomes and other data from evaluations. With the client's assistance, goals, objectives and program descriptions will be formulated, as well as plans for future funding of the project(s).

Proposal Submission

Either the organization or Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. will submit proposals. This includes obtaining signed letters and duplicating, mailing and filing copies.


Either the organization or Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. will perform any necessary follow-up relative to the proposal's submission.


It is the organization's responsibility to thank the donor. Any follow-up reports related to programming outcomes will be done by the organization, unless an agreement is otherwise reached.

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