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Our Funding Source Search will provide you with an understanding of the untapped potential for grants for your organization or project.

You will gain detailed information about each potential funding source identified by a set of granting guidelines and/or giving history that matches your project/organization. It will also help you understand the first steps that need to be taken to initiate contact with each potential prospect.

The search will be generated from the results of two or more database searches, usually conducted using keyword searches to find funders with stated priorities that match your project or organization. The search will also include a geographic area search to identify funders with general guidelines giving in the area impacted by your project or organization.

Each likely prospect is evaluated carefully and individually by PJS staff who have experience in seeking grant funding and in conducting foundation research. Plus, you will be given other tips based on our experience in overseeing applications to a variety of foundations.

Your search results will include the foundations researched and identified as prospective funders, as well as a listing of the other funding sources researched and identified as unlikely funders - that way you have a reference guide to revisit as you become aware of previously unknown or newly formed foundations.

The funding source search not only looks at what foundations say they fund, but even more importantly, it looks at the giving history of each prospective funder to get a sense of where their contributions actually go.

The work required to conduct a thorough search varies project by project and organization by organization, depending upon the scope of project, the people served, the breadth of programming, etc. A search can take anywhere from 10 hours of labor to 60 hours or more. Outsourcing this type of project saves you time and most likely will pay you back in terms of new grant dollars and new connections for your organization. At the very least, a funding source search will help you answer that nagging question - is there more potential to be tapped in grant funding for our organization? That can help you make strategic decisions about staff, time allocation, and fundraising priorities.

A funding source search is not a guarantee of new grant funding for your organization, but most searches identify prospects previously unknown to the client. Some of our clients have seen a return on investment of more than 800 percent from a funding source search.