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Media Relations

Want to get noticed by the news? PJS offers media relations services specifically tailored for nonprofit organizations. Our services include:

- Press release writing
- Media positioning/strategy
- Media sponsorship proposal writing
- Media interview coaching
- Speech writing
- Press conference event planning

Let our experts use their backgrounds in public relations and advertising to help your organization to get noticed by the news!

Strategy and Materials

The right communications messages and delivery vehicles are central to raising awareness among clients, donors and members of the community at large. PJS offers a variety of communications services specifically suited to the needs of nonprofit clients.

  • - Public Relations Plan

    o Strategy
    o Writing/Planning
    o Execution

  • - Newsletter

    o Strategy/Planning
    o Article writing
    o Page layout
    o Printer coordination

  • - Case Statement

    o Writing
    o Research
    o White paper or brochure layout

  • - Annual Appeal Letter

    o Letterhead design
    o Letter writing
    o Envelope design
    o Printer coordination

  • - Annual Appeal Brochure

    o Text writing
    o Brochure layout
    o Printer coordination

  • - Direct Mail

    o Invitations
    o Appeals
    o Reminders
    o News