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5 Things We Learned from "Change the Channel!"

PJS hosted "Change the Channel! Building a Multi-Channel Fundraising Campaign" presented by our partners, qGiv.

Some things we learned were:

1. What are assets?

Assets are tools that help you build your list. These include good images, videos, merchandise, donation pages and confirmation pages.

2. How do you know what the right image to share is?

            Images should be people-focused, happy and uplifting, feature 1-3 people, and have eye contact with the viewers.

3. How do you know what channel to use?

            Channels can depend on your demographics. Direct mail is still reliable if you have a large baby boomer donor base. They like to receive direct mail and donate through that way. Emails are ideal for storytelling. Text fundraising has the highest open rates with 90% within 3 minutes, but it can become intrusive and annoying.

4. What is a microsite?

Microsites are pages or groups of pages specific to a campaign that can function independently from a normal site. These are used mostly when organizations are running multiple campaigns at a time.

5. How do I gauge the success of my marketing campaign?

            Some questions to ask include: What will you change next time? What fell flat? Did you hit your goal? Tweak what didn’t work, and refine your audience with every campaign.

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