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PJS Goes “Virtual” to Conduct Consensus Building Retreat

When the Down Syndrome Society of Wichita (DSSW) scheduled a consensus building retreat for its Board and key supporters, there was no expectation a world-wide pandemic would descend on Kansas and the United States in March 2020. But that didn’t deter either DSSW from having a successful retrea.ate the retreat.

Consultant Sam Rennick noted: 

“We were able to conduct the sessions as an online meeting. We pivoted. Day One had a few blips but by Day Two, the participants began to feel much more comfortable using the Zoom platform and I think we hit our stride. Thanks to Scott’s foresight and the Board’s willingness to adapt, the retreat turned out quite well!”

PJS has done strategic planning since the beginning serving organizations throughout the Midwest to re-interpret their missions and supporting their unique values to build sustainability for the future.