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Here's what our clients say about their experience in working with Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc.:


  • "Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. was retained by Children’s Square U.S.A., a nonprofit based in Council Bluffs, to conduct a philanthropic planning study. The results of this study were instrumental in our deciding to move forward with a capital campaign, in setting the campaign goal and in sequencing the projects to be completed. Prior to launching the campaign, Paul’s team worked with us for a year to build visibility, capacity and new relationships that better positioned our organization for a successful campaign, and they continued to work with us in conducting the campaign. Our $9,000,000 Better Spaces, Brighter Futures Capital Campaign is now near completion and the first project funded through it is under construction. The expertise, structure, guidance and capacity-building provided by Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. were key drivers in our success."

  • “Led by Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc., Alaska Family Services has undertaken a complete overhaul of our development activities for the agency. The results have been an outstanding turnaround in marketing, estate planning and community engagement strategies. Not only does Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. display state of the art strategies, but has a unique ability to customize their efforts to match experience with the goals of the agency. We are very pleased with their performance!”

  • "I contracted with Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. to conduct a thorough assessment of our development efforts last year. Their work was both thorough and timely, resulting in a list of 17 concrete recommendations for improvement. Both Paul and Agne were highly responsive to requests for additional information, and they made themselves available to staff and board members whenever requested. We have had great success so far in implementing the recommendations and I am certain the results will be transformational."

  • “I would like to thank the Paul J. Strawhecker group for coming up with a plan and guiding our fundraising efforts on this capital campaign. As a small nonprofit with one full time staff assigned to fundraising and no experience on capital campaigns, we were fortunate to receive the comprehensive services offered. We had a short time frame and a difficult economy in which to do this but they kept us moving forward and provided ongoing support and encouragement. We were able to continue on with our fundraising efforts after our agreement was over having learned new skills and approaches.”

  • “The study was conducted in a structured way that provided consistency and kept the process moving. I heard from several of those interviewed who shared positive opinions of our consultant, his professionalism, and the process. The results have helped us redefine how we will be funding the project.”

  • "We have always valued your firm’s knowledge of what we do and who we are. It feels like you have our best interests in mind and tailor your recommendations to our unique situation."

    * Children's Care is now called Lifescape.

  • “The Paul J. Strawhecker consultants have a passion for the work and strive to meet the client’s needs. They have been truly interested in and enthusiastic about the work we do at the Iowa School for the Deaf, which enhanced their contributions to our capital campaign development and implementation plan.”  

  • “CEDARS worked with the Paul J. Strawhecker firm on several fundraising aspects of our Foundation – most notably, our “Room to Grow” Capital Campaign. I would give all members of the firm my highest recommendation. Hallmarks of our relationship included commitment to client services, exceptional research and grant writing, excellent training of and support for board and community volunteers and detailed attention to every facet of the plan and schedule. We respect their professionalism and integrity and would not hesitate in calling them for advice on future projects.”

  • "The firm's knowledge of the nonprofit world, its professional and knowledgeable staff, and relationships with statewide entities made it a most invaluable resource to our campaign. I firmly believe without their counsel, the Historical Society would not have reached our goal in a timely matter, nor would we have raised the amount of funds from such a wide variety of sources. We highly recommend the Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. firm."

  • “Thanks to Pete (Tulipana) and Paul Strawhecker, Inc., I believe our board is more committed to fundraising and will soon adopt task force structures and accountability measures that will ultimately allow them to continue moving the agency forward."

  • "I really don't know that we could have done this (city park rebuilding) without the guidance of Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. The work that they did in getting the support and assistance of the city newspaper and community, as well as helping us identify and reach those donors of influence and affluence, was pivotal in making this campaign a success. They did a terrific job, and we would definitely work with them again."

  • "I have worked with Paul and his associates for over six years now finding them always helpful, very professional and committed to reaching the goals and objectives I have set forth."

  • "We employed Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. in connection with our fundraising efforts for a local regional event center. The Strawhecker firm was extremely organized, efficient and professional. In fact, our group raised more funds than any capital campaign or organization in the history of our community. I recommend Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. without reservation."

  • "Throughout our campaign, Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc. worked with Seton Catholic to put forth an image of a business-like fundraising operation that attracted donors and volunteers. We attracted donors who had little or no contact with Seton Catholic before the campaign."